Roy Ellis Moody, M.Ed.

Keynote Speaker


Seminar Leader

Working Together...Winning Together

Create a team of winners!  Today people are being asked to work in teams, yet most of them donít know how. Very little in peopleís typical experience has prepared them for the challenge of true collaboration and teamwork.

Coaching and teamwork skills have been gaining the attention of managers, supervisors, and team leaders who are looking for better ways to improve performance. The principles of coaching and teamwork that have been  practiced and perfected by athletic coaches for years are proven strategies for positively impacting performance.

Roy Moody has personally coached athletic teams and is an expert on the art of coaching and teamwork.  As a full time speaker for the past 20 years, he has successfully shared the lessons he has learned about winning, coaching and teamwork as they apply to organizations and business.

In this program, Roy uses a dynamic combination of common sense illustrations, personal experience, and humor to convey serious principles that assist groups and organizations in creating a team of winners.

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